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What can Solar mean for you?

The Earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the total energy use of the global population in an entire year!

For some people it defines Independence. For others it is a feeling of comfort. And for almost everyone, it helps the bottom line by saving money on those utility bills that just keep going up.

Lower Your Energy Bills

The Independence people get from Renewable Energy means they do not have to rely on any utilities to live a comfortable life - living "off the Grid" without commercial power. There are actually entire communities that have no electric lines and no gas lines. These people brag about being able to see the stars at night and not the street lights.

Commercially, Hot Watt Solar recommends the following sequence of installations - Solar Hot Water, Solar Thermal, and then PV (Solar Electric - PhotoVoltaic). This is based upon the length of payback of each system from shortest to longest. All of our systems are available for Federal and most State tax incentives, which can offset the cost of the system by 30% or more.


» Solar Thermal - Hot Air Panels for Heating, Firing Cooling Towers, and Industrial use
» Solar Hot Water - Hot Water Panels for Domestic Hot Water, Radiant Floor Heat, and Industrial use
» PhotoVoltaic - PV, Solar Electric Generation Panels