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Solar Hot Water Systems

Lower Your Energy Bills

The revolutionary light weight, attractive design of the Skyline® Solar Water Heater makes solar water heating truly practical for everyone.

The 30% Federal Tax Credit and fast rising fuel costs make now the time to install a solar water heating system! Domestic solar water heaters are a cost effective way to generate hot water for your home or business.

How well an active solar energy system performs depends on effective siting, system design and installation.

Sunlight strikes and heats an "absorber" surface within a "solar collector.” Either a heat-transfer fluid or potable water flowing through tubes attached to copper "fin tube" absorbers pick up the heat energy converted from the sun's radiant energy on the absorber.

The solar heated water is stored in a storage tank until needed. If additional heat is needed, it is provided by electricity or fossil fuel energy by the conventional “backup” water-heating system.

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