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PV - Solar Electric

This is a simple drawing of the basic components needed to build a photovoltaic based full feed or back-up system for residential or commercial needs.

Lower Your Energy Bills

All of the PV (photovoltaic) systems are quiet, and operate automatically using solar electric technology. Because there are no moving parts, PV systems are virtually maintenance free.

The typical grid-tie system with a battery back-up operates 24/7. During daylight hours, the solar array delivers power to the main electric panel and also stores energy in the battery bank. The power you don’t use is sent into the utility grid, spinning your meter backwards (net metering) and lowering your electric bill. During power outages, the solar array provides power for daytime loads and the batteries provide power for nighttime loads.

At this time, Hot Watt Solar works with tried and true Crystalline Silicon based panels. Silicon panels are the most proven technology, and more efficient than most "Thin Film" panels, the new generation of PV. We offer both UL listed and non-UL listed panels depending upon your needs.

The thin film technology is rapidly gaining popularity and efficiency. HWS is in the research phase of partnering with the right Thin Film manufacturer for long term growth.

With the great strides that are being made in this technology, the cost of PV electric generation should be comparable to the rate of coal plant electric generation. This means a new beginning into the world of Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy