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Solar Space Heat & Hybrid Hot Water Systems

Northern Comfort solar panels are the only SRCC Certified Air Collectors in the country eligible for the federal energy tax credit. These collectors have been Certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (srcc).

Their hybrid combination air and water system is definitely the cat's meow! Dual mode air systems allow you to take advantage of your array 12 months of the year. The primary mode is set to heat your building, which is your biggest expense, and once that has been satisfied the system starts making hot water. Provide all hot water from spring to fall, and add space heating all winter.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Dual mode systems will not freeze because the heat exchanger is installed in a conditioned space. This prevents the possibility of broken pipes in your attic, and there is no requirement for antifreeze that needs replacing every few years. Because the heat exchanger is in a conditioned space we use potable water, and we eliminate the need for a double walled heat exchanger and glycol, and pass the cost savings on to you.

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