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From time to time, we work with established energy companies in partnership to further our collaborative efforts in the energy industry.

Lower Your Energy Bills


"In 2007, the U.S. RE/EE industries generated $1 trillion in sales and created more than 9 million jobs...

With aggressive government incentives, RE revenues will increase 1,200 percent by 2030, from $42.6 billion to $560 billion. EE revenues will increase 270 percent, $1 trillion to $3.7 trillion.

RE jobs will grow 1,300 percent from 504,000 to 7.3 million (4.3% of total U.S. jobs). EE jobs will grow 250 percent, from 8.6 million to 30 million (17.5% of total U.S. jobs)."

- Solar Today, March 2009


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